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Creating a personalised experience for users with one of Australia’s leading industry superannuation funds, Vision Super.

Vision Super
Immersion, UX, UI, Development
24 is fantastic agency that helped us design and build a modern, responsive website. They assisted us at every step of the way, providing us with options and guidance to create a site with the best UI and UX possible. Professional and a pleasure to work with.John Howell, Web & Communications Specialist

The Challenge

The balance between what customers are looking for and what clients want to communicate.

UX is often focused on ensuring that the user finds value when visiting a site or using a product. We set out to understand what Vision Super’s site visitors were looking for when landing on their website and found a diverse range of users in different stages of their retirement lifecycle with different needs. From young employees just entering the workforce to pre-retirees, from members to non-members – each audience provided Vision super with different challenges and business opportunities. The problem to solve here was how to get the right message to the right audience without them having to sort through information that isn’t relevant or of interest to them.

The Solution

Well aren’t we a smart cookie?

Speaking of cookies, that’s exactly what we used to solve this problem. Using cookies, we were able to track site visitors and show them only the information that would be relevant to their demographic or interest. We used data from Vision Super’s database (members), what they clicked on whilst navigating the Vision Super site, ads and social posts that they interacted with and more. Once we identified what pockets of audiences and what interest groups there were, Vision Super got to tailoring the right images and copy to promote the relevant products they had for each audience.

The Result

How we built a dynamic site that personalised the user experience.

The result is a site that dynamically changes according to the user’s demographics, preferences and interests. Vision super are able to showcase their insurance and investment options to existing members, communicate their message of being a sustainable superfund to younger audiences (where evidence showed that this was important), and send other targeted messages to niche audiences. This was all done using the Wordpress CMS, which means that Vision Super are able to create new pages, new audiences and customised sections without the need for a developer.





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