Creating a premium and authentic brand for Australia's leading co-working space.

Hub Australia
Brand Development, Print Production, Information Architecture, UX Design, UI Design, Web Development

1 - Discovery

A deep dive into the co-working space in Australia

Hub Australia is a leading organisation in the co-working industry, however the brand, marketing collateral and website did not reflect a high quality offering. We were tasked to elevate Hub Australia’s image to a premium standing with the objective of garnering greater conversion and securing more on-site tours.

We started by conducting a comprehensive competitor analysis to understand the current co-working landscape, paired with desk research & insights from the Hub Australia team.

2 - User Experience Design

Using information architecture to drive sales.

The research fed into the design of a new architecture for the site with a goal to guide their users through the multifaceted member offering.

A number of call to actions and forms were created to capture relevant and detailed user information to empower sales managers and reduce administration time for the marketing team. This was then integrated with Hub’s CRM during the development phase.

3 - Design and search driven development

Scalable design features and easy to manage CMS.

The site was built with a design system which includes a digital style guide, page templates and design components. This allowed for scale and rigour around the design application as well as efficiency within the marketing team who are now equipped to create unique templates that adhere to the brand’s digital guidelines.

Ensuring the effective SEO from their previous site was carried over was integral to this project and it’s success. We supported Hub with content migration and optimised the site for search.

4 - Ongoing Partnership

Continual development of Hub Australia's digital experience

We now collaborate closely with Hub Australia to provide ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades to the new platform.

Our goal is to enhance their customer experience and streamline internal operations through digital solutions.

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