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Fulfilio (A start-up business of Australia Post) engaged 24 Digital to conduct an in-depth user research piece aimed at identifying new features and validating existing functionality for their third-party logistics platform.

Fulfilio (Aus Post)
User Interviews, Prototyping, Wireframes
I can see how the early creation and identification of customer personas have contributed to the growth and direction of the business we are today. These customer profiles and insights are still relevant now.JARRYD ZANKOVIC - PRODUCT MANAGER AT FULFILIO

The Challenge

Fulfilio (A start-up business of Australia Post) engaged 24 Digital to help identify new features and validate existing features for their 3PL platform. With the announcement of Amazon entering the Australian market they were looking to quickly scale and to implement new innovative features that would give them a competitive edge.

As a start up, accelerated scaling brought with it higher risk and our task was to make sure they were solving the right problems with logical decision making.

Talking to users

In order to facilitate the greatest level of collaboration, our UX lead worked onsite with Fulfilio throughout the duration of the project. 

The first step in the process was to interview five of Fulfilio’s existing merchants to discover their pain points and to discuss their interest in proposed features. The results were a comprehensive list of what merchants’ pain points were currently, what they valued as a business from Fullfilio and what features they would like to see in the future.

Developing user personas to reflect their growing customer base

User interviews were combined with business goals, market research and internal stakeholder conversations to develop a well-rounded persona. The personas were based on data from a primary research report done by Australia Post research team which provided quantitive information on market segmentation, market motivations and market viability.

The personas formed the backbone of decisions throughout the project with each feature needing to be paired with a relevant persona in order for it to be developed further.

Validating Concepts

With concepts developed for each feature we were ready to connect the feedback loop by taking them back to the original merchants to gauge how our solutions met their needs.

We gathered valuable insights into their thinking with wins on returns (“Returns workflow will save a lot of time in email’), order tracking (“The idea of an orders page is good to give visibility of order status”) and good feedback on other areas like inventory (“Need to use the rate of sale to determine stock out dates”).

This exercise allowed us to refine our concepts and further shortlist features to be folded into the development workflow.

Integrating into a new platform

We were ready to take our concepts into production. This was broken into two tasks, a platform redesign and feature development.

In order to incorporate new features into the platform a foundational redesign was needed. This focussed on creating a modular design framework for easy updates, usability improvements to make using the platform more intuitive and folding in a newly developed brand to lift the company’s level of professionalism.

Through discussion with Fulfilio’s developers we were able to define an MVP of the features that could fit into the six month time frame. Features were also fleshed out into a visual execution and folded into the new platform architecture.



New features tested amd validated


Face to face merchant interview conducted


Wireframe prototype created