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Leading the way in ANZ market for a global medical device company, ConvaTec, by driving a digital customer experience strategy to engage a B2C audience and drive business growth.

Health & Medical Devices
Immersion, UX, Design & Development
The work that 24 completed on customer personas is really incredible; to design personas that are so accurate, actionable and insightful, within the added health industry context is exceptional. I can see why this is so valuable to the success of our digital customer experience strategy.Mark Skrzypek - Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Creating a B2C online presence

ConvaTec is an international medical products and technologies company, offering products and services in the areas of wound & skin care, ostomy care, continence and critical care.

With a change in focus from B2B revenue streams to B2C, ConvaTec were in need of a new marketing strategy and digital platform to engage their B2C market.

24 Digital were tasked to:
- Design a user-friendly website, suitable for telling a new brand story and increasing engagement with call to actions.
- Develop a performant and scalable website for future growth including e-commerce.
- Develop alongside a fully integrated marketing strategy including SEM, SEO & Paid.


Understanding the competitor landscape

To fully understand the intricacies of a global medical device company, the 24 team started the project with a deep-dive Immersion piece. Kicking off with a comprehensive competitor brand audit, we were able to identify gaps in the market & opportunities to capitalise on the market share.

Key learnings identified that areas to focus were:
- Building consumer stories for engagement
- Simplified product pages to increase understanding
- Utilising influencers to grow brand awareness

User Personas

Identifying users and their motivations

Using market research, call centre data & interview findings, the 24 team created user personas based on ConvaTec’s 6 main customer types; Woundcare Patient, Ostomate, Stomal Therapy Nurse, Medical Supplies Distributor, Catheter User & Carer.

For the website build, 24 were focussed on understanding the motivations of each persona, what their frustrations would be and how they would move through the website.

Developing User Personas forms the basis of understanding for the design decisions made throughout the rest of the project. Considering each user & their reasons for visiting the site helps to focus the user experience and site hierarchy.

User Journey Mapping

An end-to-end understanding of your customer

There are many touchpoints for consumers, especially when making health decisions. As such, we set out to understand the user journeys of each of the user personas and what factors may influence them to interact with the new ConvaTec website.

This process identified the key call to actions required on key pages of the website to ensure that the users can intuitively move through the site quickly & with ease.

Information Architecture

Creating the best structure for your users

Every decision made throughout the Immersion process has created a framework for mapping out the website’s new information architecture.

Using a tool called Flow Map, we outlined the existing website content and referenced Google Analytics to understand which pages were accessible/relevant from the bounce rates.

The goal was to create a website which is easy to navigate, meets the needs of each of the personas & uses language which can be understood by all. The resulting site map focussed on tiered navigation & consistency through each of the 3 business areas: Ostomy, Continence & WoundCare.