CASE STUDY - User Research

Guiding the City of Ballarat through a research-led digital strategy to ensure it becomes a city of the future.

City of Ballarat
Data Analysis, Research, User Personas
The 24 team took us on the journey with them and City of Ballarat now have a solid framework for how we make future digital decisions for Ballarat residents
Michael Walker - Web Development Officer

1 - Discovery

Understanding the business objectives.

The City of Ballarat is a regional Victorian city with a growing populations of residents who approached 24 Digital to help understand their residents’ online behaviours.

The project is the first phase of an entire digital restructure for the city and the findings will help to shape the decisions made throughout the project.

We first conducted a project context workshop in conjunction with the City of Ballarat team to gain a deeper understanding of the project brief, stakeholders and project processes.

2- User Research

Deeper than demographics with data that drives results.

Data scientists first went through the City of Ballarat census data using K-mode clustering to establish the first clusters of the user personas.

We then distributed an online survey to residents which included 26 questions aligning to the census data. Streams distributed was through e-newsletters and social channels.

Results gave a rounded mix of qualitative and quantitive data from over 700 respondents in 1 week. This data was weighted into categories and building out the city’s personas, with long form questions informing their personalities.

It's essential to learn & adapt from your research results throughout the UX process. Data analysis can reveal some unexpected pieces of information which you need to understand & utilise to get the most accurate results.
Cameron Richards - Lead UX Designer @ 24 Digital

3- Validation

Validating our research through usability testing.

Using a platform called TreeJack the site map was tested with a group of live participants which reflected the makeup of the user personas.

The User Stories acted as a benchmark for questions and created scenarios for the participants to navigate through the site.

The results helped to shape the final site structure and wording used on the menu items to ensure it was built for the intended users.

4 - Customer centric framework

A benchmark for all future digital applications.

This in-depth user research piece has acted as a benchmark for all future digital applications in the business.

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