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Working with the City of Ballarat Council on a detailed user-research piece, we created the foundations of a digital transformation strategy to help them become a smart city of the future

City of Ballarat
Data Analysis, Research, Testing
“The 24 team took us on a detailed user-research journey to gain insights and understanding of our residents and their needs. The City of Ballarat Council now has a solid framework for how we make future digital decisions for Ballarat residents.”— Michael Walker - City of Ballarat Council
City of Ballarat

The Challenge

Local councils going through digital transformation

The City of Ballarat is a regional Victorian city with a growing populations of residents, only 80km from Melbourne.

The City of Ballarat Council were operating with a content heavy and confusing website which users could not navigate or find relevant information.

We were approached by the City of Ballarat to undergo a detailed user-research piece into their residents online behaviours, habits and needs.

City of Ballarat


Understanding the business objectives

Through a series of workshops with the council team, we gathered data and key information on the City of Ballarat residents.

We delved into their existing website analytics to understand their complex web of content. Reviewing search terms and content views allowed us to gather initial findings on where changes were required.

The project was the first phase of an entire digital transformation for the city and the findings were going to shape the decisions made for their future smart city strategy.

City of Ballarat

User Research

Using data to delve deeper than demographics

Using publicly-available Census data as a base, we used a method of K-mode clustering to establish key themes of the Ballarat population, focussed on industry, education and location.

We then developed a survey using initial findings from the Census clusters to gather qualitative and quantitative information in key areas. The survey was distributed through print publications and online channels.

Gaining over 700 responses in one week, the results acted as the framework to start building the user personas.



Ballarat community members surveyed over a one week period.


Ballarat community members surveyed over a one week period.


Final User Personas created, comprehensively covering the community within Ballarat.