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For most businesses, a well-designed website is one of the most valuable investments that you can make.

A Smarter Approach to Web Design

Internet users are way more sophisticated than they used to be and as a result their expectations are much higher. If a potential customer comes across a website that doesn’t look like it was designed by a professional then they are more likely to move on to competitors website. In a nutshell, no one is going to buy what you’re selling if you look unprofessional. A recent study shows that 94% of people cite poor web design as a reason that they don’t trust certain sites.

At 24, we pride ourselves on custom web design as a service that we offer.

There is a lot of consideration that goes into a well-designed site, so let us run you through our process.

Discovery: We chat to you about your brand, your image and your customers. From there, user personas and user experience journeys will be mapped out so that we leave no stone unturned in the early stages and every aspect of the design has a purpose.

Design: First, we’ll start with a wireframe so that you can see an initial idea of what your website will look like. After some discussion and iterations, we’ll design the website and work closely with you until it looks exactly like you want. Only after you’ve given us the green light on the framework and overall concept will we move forward with production.

Development: Once you’ve approved the look of your website, we turn the dial up a notch and hand the keys over to our developers to get coding. You can trust that we’ll provide a web standards-based and easy-to-use website that will work across a range of modern browsers.

Deployment: The website is built and we’re ready to show it to the world! It’s go-live day! Woohoo! Don’t worry, once we’ve launched the site, we don’t just disappear. We work carefully with your team throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition and a new website that’s easy to manage.

Delight: Now that you have a shiny new site, we want to make sure that it stays awesome! The 24 team based in Melbourne are always available for any design or development updates that you may need and questions that you have. We’re really into long-term partnerships, not just casual flings.

Collaboration is the Key

We are also happy to work with design agencies or UX specialists that are already involved in your project – we’re huge fans of collaboration. Just let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll find a strategy that’s right for your brand.

Need some inspiration? You can check out some of our past work on the projects page.

Sound good?

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