Web Applications & Platform Integration

We’ll help integrate best-in-class solutions into your platform and solve your tricky problems with custom-built services.

Integrating with existing platforms

At 24 Digital, we know that playing nicely with others is important. If you already have payment processors, CRMs, CMSes or other tools that you rely on for your business needs, we will ensure our solution leverages your existing workflows to enable your company to grow without disruption.

If you don’t have these solutions in-place but are interested in their offerings, our wealth of development experience and in-depth knowledge of each integration will help you find the best way to extend your platform. Whether it’s utilising Stripe for payment processing, ADFS or Auth0 for seamless authentication, Algolia for fast search results, WooCommerce or Magento for eCommerce, or anything else that can help your business grow or solve a tricky problem, we can help you leverage best-in-class solutions that meet your needs.

Looking for a custom solution?

Maybe you’ve outgrown an off-the-shelf platform or have specific needs that aren’t addressed by existing platforms. We can work with you to discover your requirements and design, develop and support a bespoke web application that will meet your needs now and into the future.

We recently worked with an industry-leading company to replace a business-critical application which they had outgrown after several years. By working closely with their users and stakeholders, we were able to produce a new application, backed by a highly performant custom API, which integrated with their existing systems and streamlined employee on-boarding and performance.