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QVM Research Trip

We were thrilled to win the pitch for the Queen Victoria Market website. We have been lucky enough to work on some of Melbourne’s great institutions, icons and landmarks and the Vic Market is another fantastic example.

The first thing we did was schedule a kick-off meeting with the QVM marketing and management team to discuss their Digital Strategy. We wanted to do our research first so the twenty4 team took a field trip down to the Markets armed with iPhone video cameras and shot a little 15 minute video that asked customers and stallholders their opinion on the current website, what they use it for, what could be better and what they would like to see in a new website. It gave us a good insight into what people use the site for and how they access it. A surprising amount of people use the website on their mobile device and are looking for opening hours. Google Analytics tell us that mobile usage on the website is huge and increasing daily. Currently the site is not mobile responsive, so that’s a big tick in the “make site mobile responsive” box which will further increase usage on mobile devices and mobile will overtake browser usage in the not too distant future.

Padre Coffee - QVM Stallholder Interview
Padre Coffee – QVM Stallholder Interview
QVM - Stallholder Interview
QVM – Stallholder Interview
Zaac asking the tough questions
Zaac asking the tough questions

The best part about the research trip was the coffee at Padre Coffee and buying lots of nice food and taking it back to the office for a mini-feast and field trip debrief.

Queen Victoria Market – Mini-Feast at the twenty4 office

We’re currently in development of the Queen Victoria Market site and will be releasing it in 2013.


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