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Morning Huddles

Morning cuddles are nice before we leave home and then it’s straight into our daily morning huddle when we get to work. It’s a nice way to start the day with everyone huddled around the boardroom. Part of it is social and talking about what we did last night or what’s on for the weekend, and part of it work and a good way to talk about what we have on for the day over a coffee from the local coffee shop “7 grams”, also referred to on occasion as “Charlie Sheen’s.

Coffee and Mac’s (except Kenny)

For things that aren’t urgent I have a Mailbox folder called “Discuss in Huddle” where I will file away things I’d like to talk to everyone about, it also saves on interruptions throughout the day and I can save it all up for one session. Distractions and interruptions are a big time waster when they are staggered throughout the day so if we can get most of it done in the first hour it can save a lot of time during the day. We started the huddle as an experiment and gave it a trial for a week. It’s something that everyone enjoys and is a real boost to productivity. It’s been 2 months of daily huddles now and I couldn’t imagine starting the day any other way.



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