User Error or Design Flaw; Who is really to blame?


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When I think of the term ‘user experience’, I think of the word’s continuity, simplicity, and innovation. How easy and intuitive is it for a user to fulfil their needs? Over the years, we’ve all seen endless amounts of users fumble with their digital devices to complete what should be simple tasks. To us, this has raised an important question…

Is it user error, or is poor design really to blame?

Picture this, you’ve been using Netflix on your computer for months now. Laying in bed with the computer on your lap watching all the latest episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the daily. You then finally decide to upgrade from your small laptop screen to a big 65 inch Smart TV! As expected, you get it set up in your room and download the Netflix app and then… boom – you realise you need to log in with your username and password.

As always, you don't remember your password and your mother’s maiden name isn’t going to help you this time.

You haven’t typed that thing in since you first created your Netflix account and for some reason, it’s not that same old password that you’ve used for EVERYTHING else. 

This is a situation that almost everyone can relate to. The idea of a required password for login is something that users have grown accustomed to, but unfortunately so too has forgetting your password. Is forgetting your password the fault of the users, or is there a better way we can log in with our favourite apps, programs and websites without having to go through the dreaded motions of resetting passwords.


One company has found what I think is close to a seamless design solution that genuinely surprised me by how intuitive and yet uncommon it was.

That company is none other than Stan – one of Netflix’s biggest competitors. 

When creating a Stan account, everything is the same, exactly as you would expect it to be. Email, password, some verification and you’re on your way. What makes Stan special is it’s login process. Unlike Netflix, when you go onto your brand new TV and download the Stan app, you’re not prompted to enter your username and password but are simply shown a blank screen with an activation code and URL for their activation website. From here, all you need to do is load up that URL on your already trusted device and enter the code shown on your TV. Your TV is now logged in! It is that simple.

As a digital agency, we are constantly striving to innovate our user experience and solve everyday problems like the simple login.

User experience is at the heart of 24 Digital and we constantly question the norm. Finding new and improved ways to solve everyday user design errors to make the user experience as seamless as possible is what sets 24 apart as a digital agency.

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