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Incubator Program at twenty4

Secondary to our digital agency melbourne business we also have internal projects we create in the Incubator program.

We’re big believers of internal projects. We see them as a chance to improve our skills and build solutions by putting ideas into action that can also improve our business. Living and breathing digital we are constantly exposed to new ways of thinking and as a result coming up with ideas of our own. These ideas can’t always be executed in the context of a client project, but we can take it to the world ourselves. As a team we spend time each month in the pursuit of these projects.

An idea typically will start out in the boardroom in the form of a PEQ Session that was shown to us by our business coach, Ed Dale. By the end of one of the sessions, our team are each assigned a task to contribute to the project and make it a reality.

As an example, one small but worthy project that recently saw the light of day after 6 months of beta testing is the Magento Australia Post eParcel software. This plugin was built after one of our clients asked for this functionality and after scouring the internet we decided to go ahead and build the functionality ourselves. Noticing a lack of any real plugins on the marketplace, we decided to build our own plugin.

We designed and built an iPad app based on a real life drawing game called Kill It!

Not all projects are about technology. Having a few bicycle enthusiasts at twenty4, last year we setup LBO – a bicycle safety initiative and to date have sent out over 85,000 stickers.

We have some other projects we have been working on, so we’ll keep you updated as we start to launch some of our bigger Incubator projects.

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