Ecommerce Web Development

Reaching your customers online is key to growing your business.

Using ecommerce for business growth.

Here at 24 Digital, we understand eCommerce web design and believe it to be a vital element to the success of your business.

For a customer, being able to purchase products and services online from a business is a key element to determining whether they continue to use the services or purchase the products of that business in the future.

eCommerce or online shop or online store refers to the option of being able to purchase and sell products or services on the Internet. eCommerce web development is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and businesses alike, and through the facilitation of online transaction processing, inventory management systems, internet marketing and electronic funds transfer – amongst other innovations, it is an efficient way to conduct business through the use the web.

A rapidly increasing amount of businesses are moving from brick and mortar stores to the web as use of the internet, and more specifically, online shopping has become a core element of today’s culture and has greatly influenced the way in which consumers spend on both a national and global scale. The modern world is growing at a rapid rate. With new technology available at the hands of your consumer, your business needs to keep up to stay in the game.

Today, online shopping is an efficient and reliable way to buy and sell products and services, and people like it. It’s quick, it’s easy and it works.

Creating the best shopping experience for your customers.

At 24, we put a lot of energy into eCommerce web design and build custom online stores on Magento, a powerful, open-source content management system. We understand that in order for your business to stay relevant in today’s market, you need to make informed decisions around selling online.

We’re here to work with you; analyse your current online store through metrics and analytics to inform a digital strategy and plan for increasing sales and market share. The increased success of your business is what drives our passion for eCommerce web design – we’re here to make products that not only look great but also increase sales, time on site and repeat customers.

By integrating eCommerce into your business, you are expanding your market and widening the availability of your products and services to those who prefer to shop online.