Data Analysis & Visualisation

Understanding your customers through rich analytical tools and processes.

Data Analytics

At 24 Digital, we know that usage data and analytics are important tools to help you understand how your customers and users engage with your application, and will help you to prioritise future work and growth. However, analytics and statistics alone may not show the whole story — which is why we believe in conducting user research and interviews, perform tree tests for navigation and content logic, and utilise A/B testing to provide meaningful usage data for website changes.

We can help you to understand your customers through rich analytical tools and processes. Our experience in building complex workflows — and simplifying the user journey and experience — allows us to design the optimum platform to serve their needs.

Data Visualisation

When creating custom applications, our design team research and iterate upon the best way to present data in meaningful and easily-accessible ways. User research and interviews are integral to this process and rapid prototyping and iteration allow us to deliver front-end applications, dashboards and exported data feeds that create high productivity and simple information discoverability.