Case Study: ACCLAIM Magazine Website

Lets be blunt. Acclaim magazine, whilst a very cool print publication was in desperate need of a breath tornado of fresh air, to come tearing through its outdated website. After having run their previous site as a blog on an outdated CMS platform for over two years, the new online editor of the lifestyle publication, PJ Smith, decided it was time for a website that reflected the same quality editorial and design philosophy found in their print editions.

That’s where twenty4 came in.

A slick new design was placed over a customized WordPress backend; not only did the website look great, but it also made the publishing process as fast and pain-free as possible. We developed over 40 templates to choose from, meaning the Acclaim team could customize the way each piece of content was displayed on their website.

One major concern that Acclaim had was ensuring that the various contributors writing and posting on the website were producing content that was within their culture, and not just full of cussing. We introduced custom user levels to the back end, meaning senior staff members could preview content before it went live. The custom user levels also restricted casual contributors of junior staff members from certain areas of the website where they ran they risk of making a big old mess.

Further to this, we added an e-commerce section to the website providing customers the choice of purchasing Acclaim magazine in the standard paper format or alternatively, in digital format that they could then download to their favourite e-book device. The e-commerce section is also integrated into the back end, allowing Acclaim to fulfill orders with the same ease and speed as when they publish their content.

“With the implementation of our new online store we’ve also been able to sell our magazine direct to the public for the first time online. The process of maintaining this digital storefront has been as easy as it has been both exciting and re-affirming. “

Last but not least, we used our premium hosting solutions to ensure that Acclaim’s new website would operate efficiently, even with high traffic flow, from anywhere in the world.

We followed up with Acclaim a few months down the track, to see how everything was ticking along and the results were more than positive. PJ explained:

“The site has seen solid growth since its re-launch and we certainly feel that ACCLAIM as an online media entity is about to head into an exciting new phase with our site now set to provide us with real opportunities for monetization… In regards to the new sites reception the discourse we’ve had with our readers, both new and old, has been positive. This has also been proven by our statistics with more visitors coming to to engage with our content and staying longer than ever before with deeper page navigation and stronger social interaction than we’d ever experienced in the past.”

But would they do it all again?

“Re-designing and developing the new has been as exciting as it has been a massive learning curve and twenty4 have been there with us for some of the most critical aspects of that journey. I feel that with twenty4 we most definitely shared the challenges that comes with building a site of this magnitude and when new problems were faced, both by twenty4 and us, they were tackled with open conversation, collaboration and a willingness to provide the best possible solution within our time constraints and budget…with twenty4 I think we’ve found a collaborative partner that will help us achieve all of this and more. “

Humphrey puts it perfectly – we think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Check out the Acclaim website for yourself here:

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