24 and Etihad Stadium form digital partnership

To be working in partnership with one of Melbourne’s most high-profile and versatile stadiums is a dream come true.  The partnership allows 24 to work alongside Etihad Stadium to ensure it continues to prosper in an era of disruption and ever-changing competitors. Our goal is to work with Etihad Stadium on managing the challenges this new era brings, while putting their digital business in a strong position to manage a new generation of customers.

Project overview

Etihad Stadium first approached 24 seeking a website that was more customer focused and dynamic. The current website was no longer fulfilling their or their customers’ needs and the functionality was proving to be complex and difficult as it was not allowing the stadium the flexibility it needed to change and grow with its customer and events.  

The project commenced with client-focused workshops, breaking down the project purpose, business and digital goals, key timelines and agreed behaviours to ensure a harmonious working relationship. Initial ideas, preferred platforms and potential project risks were discussed before detailing what ‘done’ would look like.

Our Aim

We knew that we wanted to prevent churn by showing the customer the value and the benefits of the site and, in turn, their Etihad Stadium membership. We first completed a comprehensive content audit as well as a detailed landscape analysis, which gathered insights from the digital assets of key competitors both locally and globally. We also discussed the limitations and challenges with the existing site. From here we could make our recommendations.

The key aims were:

  • Align the website design better with the Etihad Stadium brand as well as better translating the new brand promise of ‘Amazing Experiences’ through text and imagery.
  • Create a website CMS that was flexible and allowed continual change
  • Improve the ability of the website to be a source of income through the selling of memberships and packages

User Experience Design

We knew that to stand up against competitors the new Etihad Stadium site needed to be more fan focussed. It’s a brave new world out there and one where the consumer and content is king. By defining key user segments and detailing the way customers were using the site we were able to build a UX strategy around how the uniqueness of the brand could interact effectively with the users needs.

We developed user personas and designed journeys from acquisition to conversion, at the same time asking ourselves the questions:   

  • What digital channels make sense for our user?
  • What content is relevant to this user’s desires?
  • What decisions will this user make along the way?
  • If our goal was value creation instead of revenue extraction, what would we offer our user?

Our Strategic Vision

‘People don’t buy into what you do, they buy into why you do it’ – Simon Sinek

After comparing the existing experience of the site via the content audit and then getting a new understanding of the audience through user personas and user journeys, we started to form our content strategy.

Content components we were had to solve were:

  • Simplify and improve navigation
  • Increase time spent on website
  • Communicate event information and memberships benefits to customers in a more appealing yet simplified way
  • Improve the way information is presented
  • Increase online conversion rate of memberships acquisition

We solved them by:

  • Updating the content and its structure so that it better suited user requirements, regardless of their device. This improved usability, increased time on site and increased the acquisition conversion rate of memberships
  • Improving the Information Architecture by looking at the language used, making it more user-centric, renaming sections and avoiding duplicate content
  • Reworking the treatment of content by spending more time crafting content in order to give a better visual hierarchy as well as providing visual interest on each page. Bespoke content was also created to ensure that not all content was ‘managed’
  • Providing the site with more ‘Calls to Action’ and ensuring they were easily accessible and not hidden at the bottom of a page

Delivery and Outcome

As we enter into the second phase of our partnership which now entails creating a dedicated member zone and integrating an e-commerce platform, it’s the right time to take a look at what we have already achieved.

Since we launched in early 2016 the Etihad Stadium site has seen a 62% increase in users, a 35 per cent increase in mobile users, a 450 per cent increase in membership page visits and a 261 per cent increase in membership conversion rates through online form submissions.

Alongside the work we have completed to improve the customer experience, we have also led the way to have the site’s brand message and stadium brand promise, brought to life throughout the venue. This allows a holistic fan experience, which helps to build excitement and anticipation for game day from the moment a ticket is purchased.

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