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New York, New York, what a wonderful town!

Zaac and I travelled to New York at the start of the month, partly to thaw out our bones and avoid getting scurvy through some Vitamin D intake, but also for inspiration from the city that never sleeps and to meet with some of the people we look up to in Digital Agency land. We were very fortunate to meet with Big Spaceship and very grateful for Kate and Matt to give up their time to chat with Zaac and I about the unique way they work. Even though the size of our respective agencies is vastly different it was refreshing to see that we share similar challenges. Big Spaceship are based in the digital agency hub of New York; Dumbo (Down under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) New Yorkers love their acronyms. I’m not so crazy about them (INSCAT). Dumbo seems to be the place to be for Digital Agencies with Huge, Big Spaceship, Reactive and other quality agencies all in the same building. While we were there we caught up for a quick beer and chat with Carl from Reactive who have recently expanded their international offering and opened up in New York.

Tour of the Big Spaceship office.

Meeting with Digital Agencies makes you hungry and Zaac and I are big Mexican fans so we tried the taco platter at Tacombi in Nolita. The tacos were pretty good, almost as good as Senoritas!

Matt patiently waiting for the Taco Platter at Tacombi

On another day in the Flatiron district we met with some lovely guys Jon and Cliff from Flightpath who took Zaac and I out to a rooftop garden for a post work beer and a chat. Flightpath are doing very similar things to twenty4 so it was a great catchup and I hope they got as much out of our chat as we did.

Flightpath office New York
Cliff, Zaac, Jon and Matt at Birreria

New York is the place to go to get inspired, it really does feel like you are at the centre of the world and that if anything is going to happen it’s going to happen there. We left New York with renewed energy, fresh, feeling inspired and ready to bring some New York sparkle back to Melbourne.


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