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Look Before Opening

Discussions about how to create a safer riding environment for ourselves and others resulted in a project called Look Before Opening.

Look Before Opening is an initiative aimed at changing driver behaviour and habits. With increasing traffic congestion, commuting by bicycle is becoming more popular, yet many drivers simply forget to check for bicycles before opening their car doors resulting in serious injuries and deaths.

Our idea was to provide drivers with a visual cue every time they opened their door to look out for cyclists. It needed to be small but noticeable cue, so we developed a logo-sticker hybrid that could be placed on the driver side window.

Initially we gave them to our friends and family, who despite their blood ties and thus inherent need to be nice to us, actually really liked the idea. So, we decided to take it to the masses.

The best way to do it? Via the web of course.

We developed a clean, easy to navigate website that explained what Look Before Opening was, and started up pages on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

Before we knew it the twitter-verse had run rife with LBO talk and resulted in thousands of stickers being requested in only the first 3 days. We feared a George Costanzia like incident as we hit the post office, but alas we can report that all members of our stuff and seal team and alive and well. The result has exceeded our wildest expectations and by the end of the month will have given out almost 16,000 stickers.

To request your stickers, please visit our website.  www.lookbeforeopening.com.au

For all other enquiries or to get involved, drop us a line:  [email protected]

UPDATE: We are very happy to announce that Medibank has come on board as a sponsor for LBO. Thanks Medibank, your support will help tremendously. www.medibank.com.au


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