Less is More in Website Design

twenty4 has a strong philosphy with approach to all online experiences we create – Less is More.

It’s happened to all of us: we visit a website and get bombarded with countless tabs, categories, feature articles, rotating pictures, music and pop ups, only to panic and hit the exit button faster than you can say sensory overload.

A great website, as far as we’re concerned is one that is as intuitive as possible – meaning people who visit your website can easily navigate their way through it without confusion. Basically – it’s all about clean, minimal design that ultimately allows for easy viewing and interaction.

These factors are particularly important for those operating in the e-commerce sector, to remove any barriers or distractions to the key focus of finding the desired product and making a purchase. It’s always nice when your customers can work their way through your site and actually make it to the check out. True?

Liken it to a supermarket – imagine if your products were all over the floor, instead of neatly stacked on shelves. Or rather than goods being arranged in categories the tomatoes were kept in the same shelf-less space as the chemical cleaning products. It’s confusing, and likely to result in fewer purchases. Just like a supermarket, a website should be designed to make life as easy for the consumer as possible, and for those in e-commerce, it should be designed in a fashion that ultimately encourages purchases.

Do not however mistake the words clean and minimal, for boring and dull. Our philosophy is that good design, you don’t actually notice it. Your website design should be aesthetically pleasing, and representative of your brands personality. Take for example the site we built for Grown, an organic alchemist that produces high quality beauty products. Their philosophy is simple: grown, not manufactured; thus their website design needed to reflect this.  (

“Less is more” – it’s an approach to web design that is fast becoming a global movement; one that you should be part of, whoever you digital agency partner is.

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