Where time is little, content is everything.

Move over advertising, there is a new kid in town. As time poor individuals, consumers no longer appreciate spam, technical jargon, pushy sales ads and soul-less copy.

It’s not me it’s you. Seriously.

Today the internet is primarily noise. Noise that consumers don’t want to hear. We can all look at our Facebook newsfeed as the first example of businesses using the platform ineffectively, without understanding the power and potential they have to connect with their customers.

Users (the old consumer) are now more than ever aware of blatant selling techniques, and look further for knowledge based products or services that enrich their lives as opposed to taking away from them.

So the question is, how can you as a business, subtly sell?

Being on social platforms is not a one-way street. You can’t yell. It requires you to be social – to have a conversation, not just sell.

It’s about building a brand personality – connecting with your audience -so that users trust you first, and then want to buy from you second.

It’s about contvertising.

Put the user in control. After all, they’re searching for information 24/7, and with the speed of mobile devices increasing every day, they’re also consuming more and more, and sharing this information with their peers, building a brand for themselves – one that is crucial information for any marketer.

This information tells marketers about their audience: what they’re thinking, liking, hating; what they’re buying, what their hobbies are etc. It’s Meta Content (content around content) and it’s more valuable than gold.

If businesses can sift through this content/data, and understand what the consumer consumes – we can find clever ways to target our products or services to them.

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