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Consumer Trend Seminar – Sydney 2012

In late August, Zaac, Matt, Dan and Craig travelled up to Sydney for the trendwatching.com Consumer Trends and Insights Seminar. It was kind of hard to explain to people what we were going to the seminar for and what it’s all about. When someone hears the words “trend forecasting” it conjures up images of hipsters, whether beards are in, people wearing glasses that they don’t need, fashion and whether baggy pants will be making a comeback next summer. I hope that baggy pants are making a comeback but the seminar didn’t focus on that or any fashion trends, it was all about how advertisers are relating with their audience and what methods they are using.

Statusphere, Infolust, Emerged, Urbanomics, Fuzzynomics and Human won’t mean much to most people but when drilled down a bit further into sub-trends it really made sense. For example, in Human is a sub-category called “Random acts of Kindness”, Kleenex ran a campaign where they searched through Facebook and Twitter and found people who were sick, they then sent out “Get better soon” packs comprising of Kleenex Tissues and other complimentary products to help the user through their cold/flu/time of illness. Users immediately went onto Facebook/Twitter and let all their friends know about this altruistic act although not pure altruism (if that even exists) as Kleenex gained some advertising and exposure from the exercise. Nevertheless a very clever, simple and relatively inexpensive way to boost the brand image as part of a wider marketing campaign. Flawsome was another interesting sub-trend and well worth a read.

Online Culture is the Culture
Online Culture is THE Culture – from 2004!

trendwatching.com is a sister company of Springwise which we love. If you haven’t signed up for the Springwise newsletter, do it now. Apart from being an amazing source of new and emerging products and services from around the world it’s a great source of inspiration and motivation.

Post seminar we had a great time mingling and chatting with other attendees and then out for a night to see what Sydney had in store for us (a lot as it turned out.) It was good fun, we learnt a lot, met some friendly people, enjoyed the Sydney weather and it was definitely a worthwhile experience which has provided inspiration for us and therefore for our clients and incubator projects (more on our incubator projects in the next blog article).

P.S. There may be some flawsome in this article.



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