Australia Post e-Parcel Plugin for Magento

Today twenty4 is very pleased to announce our very first plugin for Magento: The Australia Post e-Parcel plugin.

This plugin was built after one of our clients asked for integration from the back end of Magento into their e-Parcel portal. We initially sought to use a third party solution, but after scouring the internet we decided to go ahead and build the functionality ourselves. Noticing a lack of any real plugins on the marketplace, we then decided to take this functionality and build it into its very own plugin.

So what does it do?
The e-Parcel plugin provides functionality to export your orders from Magento to a CSV file, and then using that CSV file to import into the e-Parcel portal to create Consignments.

The plugin also provides and extra shipping method in the back end of Magento, where merchant account settings can be input – including Signature Costs, Merchant ID, Return Address, etc. Currently we only support one Shipping method, the ability to add express methods will be added in subsequent Plugin updates.

What is it compatible with?
Currently the plugin is compatible with all versions of Magento Community Edition (up to and including 1.7) , but the import into e-Parcel is only available to PC users running Firefox. This is a Australia Post compatibility issue, which is outside our control.

How do I get it?
Download it right now at www.magentoeparcel.com

Any questions, email us plugins@twenty4.com.au

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